Finding Your Style

Finding Your Style:

We are all busy snapping pictures every day, but how many different styles of photography do we know?  Understanding the different styles or genres of photography is key in finding/developing our own styles as photographers.  It is also very helpful in better understanding where our photography fits in.

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Types of Photography:

Aerial Photography:

Aerial photography has been around since 1858 and is as popular as ever.  Any image captured from above is known as aerial photography.

Architectural photography:

This genre consists of capturing the visuals of buildings.  The image can be of the interior or exterior of a building to apply.  Lighting and image distortion can be a challenge to photographers shooting buildings.

Candid photography:

Candid Photography is the capturing of spontaneous moments via an image.  The subjects are normally not aware that they will be captured, making the image very natural.  Wedding photography is a great example of Candid Photography.

Documentary photography:

The telling of a story through photographs.  This genre is the compilation of many different photos to tell s certain story that is relevant.  The key is connecting with the subject.

Fashion photography:

Usually this genre is involved with the selling process of clothing.  This is not always the case though.  The location, lighting, makeup, stylists and the model play a major role in the photographer being able to do their job.

Food photography:

One of the most popular genres today.  It seems that everyone is creating images of food these days.  Natural light is a key here, the use of a flash only seems to cause issues.

Landscape photography:

One of the most popular types of photography due to the beauty of nature.  Patience is key, as waiting for the right shot is a must.  Tripod’s and other equipment are absolutely necessary.  Some photographers will wait all day for one shot.

Night-long exposure photography:

The capturing of the world after dark.  This genre requires in depth knowledge of the use of light, shutter speed, and aperture.


Capturing the moods and expressions of people.  Typically the face is the focus but could also be a body portrait.

Sport photography:

Due to the nature of sports, this genre is typically fast paced and action packed.  The ISO setting and ability to shoot at higher shutter speeds is a must.

Street photography:

Capturing normal everyday life.  The goal is to shoot and capture the essence of everyday life.   Usually an object is the focus.

Wildlife photography:

This is a very challenging type of photography because you are reliant on animals.  Usually to take pictures of animals in the their natural habitat, you must go into their world and not disturb them.  It is a combination of patience and preparation.  You might wait all day for that perfect shot, so when it comes, you can’t miss it.

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