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I recently came across this neat new website that runs monthly art and photography contests.  The coolest thing about the photo contest is that they pay out cash awards and the awards grow as more people enter! If you have entered other contests like I have, then you know that most contests pay out smaller awards that are fixed, so the organization benefits as more people enter.  I like the idea of more money going back to the artists/photographers.   It looks like they have been running the contests since April of 2016 on a monthly basis.  The website seems really legit and they have a rather large Facebook presence.  I also checked out their Twitter and Instagram, and they are very active posting all entered pieces.

Renoartio Art Contest November Winner

1st Place November Winner – Troy Tatzko

After doing some more research and reaching out via the chat function on their website, I found out that this is a small company ran by Erik Johnson and Abra Johnson.  The purpose behind the site is to help support the arts, and as it grows, hopefully create an avenue for more people to make a living doing what they LOVE!  Seems like a great vision to me!

Photography Contest Details:

Theme: Not specified, all photography is eligible

Entry Fee: $15

Payout: Top 5 Win Cash Awards

Eligibility: International artists over 18

They also run a monthly art contest that is open to all visual art forms, from painting to drawing, to graffiti.  The top 25 artists win cash awards and the contest is also open to all international artists over the age of 18.

Open Art Contest Details:

Medium: Open to all visual art forms

Theme: Not specified

Entry Fee: $15

Payout: Top 25 Win Cash Awards

Eligibility: International artists over 18


Renoartio Video

Here is a short video I found on their website that gives a little more information about the contests.

To learn more, visit the Renoartio Website here

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